XENA: $2200. Adopted, Super Sale 11-14 lbs when grown, Female, Black Tuxedo, Sub to low teen micro mini piglet. http://www.tlcpiglets.com/apps/photos/ XENA: $2200. Adopted, Super Sale 11-14 lbs when grown, Female, Black Tuxedo, Sub to low teen micro mini piglet. XENA: $2200.Super Sale 11-14 lbs Female, Black Tuxedo, 11-14 lbs when grown, Subteen micro mini piglet.Her weight at 6 months is right at 6.8 lbs. Weight taken 9/15/14. Weight taken again at 9 months of age and she is just 7 lbs. as of 11/17/14 She is a feisty girl yet will cuddle up when she knows she is safe in your arms. The mother is a black, Low the the Ground, Nano micro mini sow. The father is a Silver Teen Micro mini boar. XENA was born on 03-18-14. Pigtures were taken 4-28-14. When weaned, given just her proper portions, she will be fit and streamline.On 6/18/14 Xena was weighed again and was only 6.8 lbs. Projected and guaranteed in contract to be 11-14 lbs when fully grown. Micro Mini Pigs have a distinct neck, crisp jawline, and a lean torso that is parallel to the ground, not a cauldron/potbelly. They are the track and field stars of the porcine world. TLC PIGLETS MICRO MINI PIGLETS HAVE: 1. DETAILED CONTRACT. 2. SIZE GUARANTEE IN CONTRACT WITH REBATE. 3. STRONG HEALTH GUARANTEE. 4. FEEDING AND CARE RECOMMENDATIONS. 5. WEEKLY AND MONTHLY CARE MONITORING. 6. PEACE OF MIND GUARANTEE. 7. LIFETIME SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE. Professional and New Parent References are gladly provided. I will tell you the truth and what you need to hear more importantly than what you want to hear. This is a rapport with support and guidance in the care and raising of my piglets. Breeders that don't do monthly care monitoring or track their genetic line are guesstimating the adult size of their piglet. Ask for professional and new parent references. Micros do naturally occur in the wild. Research the Pygmy Hog. Most Julianas/Julianis are teacup minis. Three categories or classifications of Miniature Pigs: Potbelly, Teacup, and the smallest is Micro. Teacup Mini Pigs originated at Pennywell Farm in Britain. The Murrays took many, many generations to downsize their Heritage or meat breeds to an adult size between 60 and 125 lbs. Micros are a combination or mixture from feral and domesticated smaller miniature pigs. They can be full grown from the teens to larger. TLC PIGLETS Classifies a Sub Teen :10-14 lbs Teen: 13-19 lbs. Nano: 20-29 lbs.. REALIZE THAT NATURE IS AMAZING. The Elephant Seal male can be 14' long and up to 5000 pounds. IN CONTRAST, The Harp Sea can be up to 6' long and weigh 400 lbs. Lions and Tigers are huge 400-500 LBS felines. Caracals and Servals are 30-50 lbs wild African hunting cats. There is even an 8 lb black footed cat from Africa. Nature is truly amazing. Killer Whales are the largest members of the dolphin or porpoise family, yet are at least ten to twenty times larger and heavier than your Bottle Nose Dolphin. Consider many deer from around the world. You have your White Tail Deer that is large. You have your Reeve's Muntjac that are 16" tall, and FINALLY, You have the North American Moose. It is 7' Tall and One Ton. And Yes Folks, it is a DEER. Nature has created mini pigs that are as small as a teen micro mini piglet. Breeders and new parents must give proper nutrition in proper portions. $2950 WITH UNITED PETSAFE SHIPPING on Fridays, other days are extra. Intact breeder at $3950 with United Petsafe shipping included.ANOTHER TRUE AND GUARANTEED NANO MICRO MINI PIGLET from TLC PIGLETS, *Contact Trace, Your Adoption Specialist for more information 512-567-4501 or tlcpiglets@aol.com http://www.tlcpiglets.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=196465489 196465489 http://www.tlcpiglets.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=196466441 196466441 http://www.tlcpiglets.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=191648379 191648379 http://www.tlcpiglets.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=191648380 191648380 http://www.tlcpiglets.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=191648381 191648381